Newspaper Reporter

Teaching Goal: Understanding Biblical stories by viewing different perspectives. Scripture: See activity for Bible stories Materials: Internet and computer access In Advance: Create a newspaper template. Allow for a newspaper name, date, space for two articles and two pictures. Play theme song Pray Review last [...]

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Teaching Goal:  The four Gospel writers bring unique perspectives to the story of Jesus. Scripture: Matthew 26 Mark 14 Luke 22-24 John 12-20 Materials: Rubik’s Cube 2-4 pieces of paper 2-4 sets of colored pencils/crayons/markers to match the colors on the cube 2-4 copies of [...]


Different Views

By Karen Noal Teaching Goal:   The Gospels sometimes contain different information but are still consistent. Scripture:  Matthew 26 Mark 14 Luke 22-24 John 12-20 Materials: Tray with about 10 small items on it Towel or cloth to cover tray Watch with a second hand Paper [...]

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